WorkMaster Changelog

Current Version: 7.6.1 (Updated 7/24/2011)

7.6.1 Released 7-24-2011

  • Bug Fix : Ability to view all clock-in hours regardless of date.
  • Bug Fix : Ability to edit or delete clock-in times that did not have a clock-out time.
  • Bug Fix : Fixed bug where user was not able to clock out. Now when trying to clock out the software clocks out the most recent clock-in entry.
  • Bug Fix : Clock status screen now shows the date of the clock-in time and not today’s date.

7.5.9 Released 11-7-2009

  • Feature Enhancements : Update feature more intuitive; when you press the update button the software will ask to backup then close and download/update will begin automatically if connected to the internet.
  • Overall user-interface of software now easier to use – a touch screen monitor can now be utilized.

7.5.7 Released 4-6-2009

  • Bug Fix : Payroll checks are now tracked properly with duplicates clearly identified and precautions put in place to make sure no check is made with a blank tax withheld field.

7.5.0 Released 1-6-2009

  • Feature Enhancements : Added 2 more fields tax deductions and fixed deductions.

7.4.0 Released 10-31-2008

  • Bug Fix : Selecting date does not result in current window mysteriously disappearing and user ending up on the main window.

7.3.0 Released 10-27-2008

  • Feature Enhancements : Entire software is now more user friendly with large buttons, text fields and drop down menus on all windows/forms.
  • Feature Enhancements : Entire software now has matching color buttons for all buttons that do the same thing for easier recognition and visibility i.e. all print buttons are gray, cancel/back buttons are green, save/edit/update buttons are yellow etc.

7.2.0 Released 11-19-2007

  • Bug Fix: Employee Schedule printing now more legible due to expanded view and larger font.
  • Bug Fix: Employee password is now replaced by * instead of real password due to privacy concerns.

6.9.0 Released 12-30-2006

  • Bug Fix: Backups and restore feature now work correctly even when the program is using a database on a network or another location other than the default location.

6.8.0 Released 8-8-2006

  • Bug Fix: Printing of employee paycheck sometimes resulted in the taxes and deductions not printing correctly and appearing in the far right hand corner of the page now fixed.

6.3.0 Released 7-25-2006

  • Bug Fix: Removed underlining on reports, the payroll window will now print even without the grid being highlighted.

6.2.0 Released 4-17-2006

  • Bug Fix: Error message during start up that completely disables program now fixed.

6.1.0 Released 12-18-2005

  • Bug Fix: Program does not hang when you try to print and a printer is not available.

5.6.0 Released 9-19-2005

  • New Feature; Software update for registered users now easily accessible from the software’s main page drop down menu.
  • New Feature; Software’s website product revision information also accessible from the software’s main page drop down menu.

5.3.0 Released 1-24-2005

  • Bug Fix : Correct date/day shown when program passes midnight into new day.
  • Enhancements : More visual enhancements.

Current Version: 5.2.0 (Updated 11-1-2004)

5.2.0 Released 11-1-2004

  • Bug fix; Error message ‘Program Already Open’ only shows when trying to open program again while still open. An emergency backup is carried out during an irresolvable error (when program does not open) so when program is reinstalled previous database is not lost.

Current Version: 4.8.0 (Updated 2-12-2004)

4.8.0 Released 2-12-2004

  • Basic employee information is now NOT deleted during database cleanup
  • Added date button for employee date of birth for more accuracy during filtering.
  • Cosmetic enhancements : Added pictures to most buttons for quick recognition of button function.

4.4.0 Released 1-19-2004

  • Clock-in window is now able to be adjusted (Full screen/ Small window), Has its own icon.
  • If password protected : Clock-in window and Main window cannot be shut down without a manager password.
  • Clock-in window can now open first upon program start if the “Open on Startup” check box is checked in the ‘Edit Preferences’ Window.
  • Employee Timecard summary Report : All employees work hours (regular and Overtime) and pay (regular and Overtime) can be printed out as a single report.
  • Bug Fix : Work Schedule is now Printed correctly.

4.0.0 Released 1-07-2004

  • More efficient error trapping and handling procedures making program much more stable than previous releases.
  • Now calculates both regular hours worked and pay, and overtime hours and pay.
  • Added fixed employee deductions for payroll purposes.

3.8.0 Released 12-22-2003

  • Bug Fix ; Now possible to edit and delete clock-in times.
  • Bug fix ; Paycheck button only sends valid info. to paycheck window (zero amount is not sent unless employee is salary)

3.5.0 Released 12-17-2003

  • New Feature ; Tips for wait staff and delivery drivers now added to paycheck editor.
  • New Feature ; Job assignment with different hourly pay rates now possible when clocking in, this can be added when updating employees.

3.2.0 Released 12-07-2003

  • Bug Fix; Error when deleting all employees fixed.

3.0.0 Released 11-26-2003

  • Bug Fix; Duplicate entries during employee edit now trapped
  • Added totals hours for all days of the week and total week hours in employee schedule view.

2.5.0 Released 11-18-2003

  • Bug Fix; Database connection error when linking to another location fixed
  • Bug Fix; Individual programs on different machines correctly maintain there terminal type.

2.0.0 Released 11-17-2003

  • New Feature; Smaller, faster, more professional looking installation package.
  • New Feature; It is now network ready, program can now be installed on different machines and access a central database from the main computer. Main terminal : This is where the database resides, and has full functionality, Clock-IN Terminal : Remote terminal and functionality is limited to only employee clock-in or clock-out.
  • New Feature; The program now has a 30 run trial period for unregistered users.
  • New Feature; The program is now machine specific, registration key will only work with a specific computer due to the unique product id of the program.
  • The about window does not pop-up every time the program is opened, rather it will only pop-up if the program is not yet registered.

1.0.0 Released 10-07-2003

  • First public release