ProChef Point Of Sale Change Log

Current Version: 10.0.0 (Updated 2/5/2015)

10.0.0 Released 2-5-2015

  • Updated UI to complement use with a touchscreen in Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Bug Fixes – Backup and restore now works correctly

9.2.9 Released 7-24-2011

  • New Feature : Open key item addition. You can now add a new open key item from the inventory screen using the ‘Add Open Key Item’ button. You can then edit the item from the inventory screen just like you would any other inventory item or edit the open key item right from the retail point of sale screen search area.
  • Feature Update : Maximum pizza toppings is now up to 30 toppings total from 20 toppings.
  • Bug Fix : Ability to view all clock-in hours regardless of date.
  • Bug Fix : Ability to edit or delete clock-in times that did not have a clock-out time.
  • Bug Fix : Fixed bug where user was not able to clock out. Now when trying to clock out the software clocks out the most recent clock-in entry.
  • Bug Fix : Clock status screen now shows the date of the clock-in time and not today’s date.

9.2.6 Released 5-24-2011

  • New Feature : The ability to view and print employee payroll summary for all employees at once. This feature now makes it easy for restaurant to view, print and file federal and local state taxes on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Feature Enhancement : Date and Time stamp on all printable reports. This is a critical feature because monthly reports have previously not shown exactly what date or time they were generated and thus may be inaccurate based on date generated.
  • Feature Enhancement : User is now alerted during software start-up if it contained a previous failed database path connection. This way problem can be rectified by supervisor instead of continuing to use default database instead of correctly assigned database.
  • Feature Enhancement : Sales receipt now prints out another duplicate if a credit card purchase is carried out. The duplicate receipt should be stapled to the credit card receipt of purchase for proper paperwork tracking.
  • Feature Enhancement : Proper Item count is now shown in inventory list during inventory view/edit.

9.2.5 Released 5-22-2011

  • Bug Fix : Menu items on ‘Page 2’ of point of sale menu screen correctly show up and are able to be rung up during sale.
  • New Feature : Retail and Restaurant taxes are now separate and can be of different values. Items rung up on a retail transaction can have a completely different tax rate than the same item rung up as a restaurant item i.e. wine during dinner or wine purchased at the gift shop.
  • New Feature : Backup location for a shutdown back of Point Of Sale database can now be selected.
  • Enhancement : Password access no longer a requirement when terminal is set to be a ‘Clock-In terminal’ or ‘Sales Terminal’.

9.2.4 Released 4-15-2011

  • Feature Enhancement : Ability to view full receipt details of sale items within the order pick-up form.
  • Bug Fix : Cash drawer open feature now editable in the preferences window and will work if correct printer port is selected.
  • Feature Enhancement : Ability to turn off kitchen printer is it has not been installed or is not needed.

9.2.2 Released 4-1-2011

  • Feature Enhancement : Input fields in ; Sales Inventory Form, Employee Info Form and Menu Item Form are now highlighted in RED if it is a required field and is blank when a new entry is being made.
  • Feature Enhancement : Cost, Waste and Price Entry in menu item form is now much more intuitive and easier to enter.
  • Bug Fix : Now when a user cancels a new entry in menu item form it it goes back to list view of all menu items instead of remaining blank.

9.2.1 Released 3-29-2011

  • Bug Fix : Viewing a previous sales receipt and then going back to main sales screen resulted in the ‘New Sale’ button becoming invisible now fixed.

9.2.0 Released 3-22-2011

  • UI Enhancement : All form windows are now full screen (1024*768) so as to eliminate confusion as to what needs to be done next while editing or viewing items.
  • Bug Fix : Fixed bug where sales screen did not show correct sale prices on both pizza items and other regular menu items when currency symbol through out software was disabled.

9.1.8 Released 3-16-2011

  • New Feature : Ability to temporarily disable menu items for sale if stock is running low – [86] Menu List, once stock is back to normal menu items can be enabled for sale again.

9.1.8 Released 3-16-2011

  • Enhancement : Remove all edit buttons on sales screen when viewing/printing/performing a return on a previous sale item. This greatly reduces confusion on what task to perform.

9.1.6 Released 3-13-2011

  • Bug Fix : Fixed bug when refunds printed original sale items instead of printing only the refunded items.
  • Bug Fix : Problem with software crashing completely when trying to calculate tax bracket during employee paycheck preparation now fixed.
  • Enhancement : Completely removed popups that asked user to verify if order needed to be completed if it was a pick-up or drive-through order. This in turn has made order entry and closing much faster and efficient.
  • Enhancement : Now user can choose to have orders printed on a kitchen printer if installed otherwise on receipt print will suffice.
  • Enhancement : Removed the need to always print a receipt for delivery when driver takes out a delivery (Original receipt has already been printed during order taking).

9.1.5 Released 3-10-2011

  • Bug Fix : Menu switch not possible in sales pick-up, delivery or delayed modes fixed.
  • Bug Fix : Use of external Credit card payment resulted in a crash due to authorization number not being present now fixed.
  • Bug Fix : Cash drawer open code not saving now fixed.
  • Bug Fix : Now cash draw open feature works with both parallel port and serial port (com 1 , com2 etc).
  • Bug Fix : Printing bug when receipt printer or kitchen printer was different from main printer still continued using main printer now fixed.
  • Bug Fix : Software update directly from ProChef Point Of Sale now works correctly.

8.8.0 Released 3-12-2010

  • Feature Enhancements : Item sales report now compatible with both retail item sales and restaurant menu item sales
  • Numerous bug fixes related to inventory management and employee management
  • Numerous visual changes all across the software user interface to make it even simpler and quicker to navigate the software
  • New Feature : Full credit card processing integration with X-Charge Credit CardProcessor; Now you can accept credit card, debit card, gift card and even check payments easily and quickly with X-Charge right from ProChef Point Of Sale without the need to purchase expensive credit card terminals and machines. * Requires separate installation of X-Charge ( and a merchant membership account.

8.7.0 Released 11-01-2009

  • Feature Enhancements : Update feature more intuitive; when you press the update button the software will ask to backup then close and download/update will begin automatically if connected to the internet.
  • Minor bug related to payment processing during check-out fixed
  • Overall user-interface of software now easier to use with a touch screen monitor.

8.6.0 Released 8-29-2008

  • Feature Enhancements : Entire software is now touch screen friendly with large buttons, text fields and drop down menus on all windows/forms.
  • Feature Enhancements : Entire software now has matching color buttons for all buttons that do the same thing for easier recognition and visibility i.e. all print buttons are gray, cancel/back buttons are green, save/edit/update buttons are yellow etc.

8.5.0 Released 5-11-2008

  • New Feature : Ability to add coupon menu items into point of sale quick-menu screen i.e. 2 14 inch pizzas with 1 topping each for $ 16.99.
  • Bug Fix : Now pizza menu is integrated into main quick-menu making pizza item entry more efficient.

8.4.0 Released 1-15-2008

  • Bug Fix : Fixed inability to add new recipes and recipe directions in recipe editor.
  • Bug Fix : Fixed Menu Engineering/Sale Item Reporting that showed inaccurate reports of daily sales when individual menu is selected.
  • Bug Fix : Fixed problem with menu and menu tab names that did not register properly when viewing menu items in the menu sales form when ringing up an order.

8.3.0 Released 12-18-2007

  • Name change : from ProChef Premier to ProChef Point Of Sale
  • New Feature : Sale invoice search by; Invoice/Receipt number, Customer Name, Customer Phone, Check No. or Credit Card Authorization Number.
  • Welcome screen redesign; Now the main window is easier to navigate with the most commonly used buttons easily available.

8.2.0 Released 11-7-2007

  • New Feature: Delayed order taking now possible for delivery and pickup orders
  • Feature Enhancement: Menu Engineering/Menu Item Analysis; now provides more accurate data on individual menus and menu categories.
  • Feature Enhancement: Inventory editing easier due to better labeling of inventory data.
  • Feature Enhancement: Printing of employee schedules now covers full page and is more legible.
  • Feature Enhancement: Menu Item editor now more detailed and adds more combo and submenu items (24 each instead of 12 each).

8.0.0 Released 4-4-2007

  • Feature Enhancement: POS menu screen has better layout of menu items for easier touch screen use.
  • Bug Fix : Deliveries can now be deleted/returned and delivery window simultaneously updated to remove item from delivery list.

7.9.0 Released 1-23-2007

  • Bug Fix: Sales type can now be changed without canceling sale transaction and starting over. Change option within sales receipt.

7.8.0 Released 1-15-2007

  • Bug Fix: Pizza menu error message when pizza is selected without a size or price.
  • Bug Fix: Backups and restore feature now work correctly even when the program is using a database on a network or another location other than the default location.
  • Bug Fix: Quick menu grid can now edit or delete sale items already entered.
  • Bug Fix: Printing sale receipts older than current date resulted in receipt not showing individual sale items now correctly shows items.
  • Feature Enhancement: Bigger and more tactile up/down buttons designed for touch screen monitor replace previous small up/down buttons on point of sale windows and other related windows.

7.7.0 Released 11-28-2006

  • New Feature: Now menu window has a grid showing sale items as user picks the sale items from the menu. User can also delete the items.

7.6.0 Released 11-26-2006

  • Bug Fix: Employee now able to login in point of sale screen after a manager has logged out.
  • Bug Fix: Driver dispatch will now refresh as soon as an employee logs in and will now close when the ‘Exit’ button is pressed.
  • Feature Enhancement: Sales report screen will now allow you to view in a separate window or edit an invoice instead of just allowing you to edit the selected invoice.

7.5.0 Released 11-22-2006

  • New Feature : Pizza menu module now added; the ability to ring up pizza orders with detailed flexibility.
  • New feature : Driver Dispatch; ability to manage driver delivery with delivery times and sit times being calculated as well.
  • New feature : Delivery driver cash drop window to allow for easier driver management.
  • Feature Enhancement : Point of Sale order entry and menu selection now more intuitive and quicker.

7.0.0 Released 8-8-2006

  • Feature Enhancement: Point of Sale module now contains more sensible sale-type options; Dine-In, Pick-up, Delivery, Employee (when and employee wants to use a employee free meal coupon).
  • Feature Enhancement: Sale-type in Point of Sale module now has the option of searching for or adding a new customer during Delivery or Pick-up order entry.
  • New Feature: Now you can edit sales down to the meal preparation option i.e. Cheeseburger >> Well done or Cheeseburger >> No Onions.
  • Bug Fix: In Employee module, printing of employee paycheck sometimes resulted in the taxes and deductions not printing correctly and appearing in the far right hand corner of the page now fixed.

6.8.0 Released 7-21-2006

  • Bug Fix : Error message appearing causing program to shut down when no menu is selected when inputting a new order in POS screen is now fixed.
  • New Feature : Now you can filter out different menus in the menu item editor instead of viewing all menus all the time.
  • Bug Fix : Printing of receipt onto a regular printer (8*11.5 paper) did not correctly sort the sale items now fixed.
  • Feature Enhancement : Now selecting a menu when inputting a new order is easy due to the addition of large buttons that display menus, drop down menu box is still functional.
  • Feature Enhancement : Now kitchen printer will print the second, third etc. of the same ticket but will label it “Reprint / Update” that way the cooks know it is a previous ticket and not to make the same items twice.

6.5.0 Released 6-28-2006

  • Bug Fix : You could not bill a sale later (pend it) due to the update 6.4.0. only allowing refund selection and not sale pending is now fixed.

6.4.0 Released 6-22-2006

  • New Feature : Refunds can now be either full invoice refund or partial refund i.e. when a customer brings back on one item or the three that he previously purchased.

6.3.0 Released 6-11-2006

  • Bug Fix : Now adding new recipe does not course an error when adding recipe procedure is cancelled, recipe ingredient addition now takes place without causing the program to crash.

6.0.0 Released 5-21-2006

  • New Feature : Menu Engineering; Item Sales Report now displays more useful menu item information to be able to track menu item sales more efficiently either by day, month or year.
  • Bug Fix : Point of Sale refund function now working correctly.
  • Enhancement : Now re-entering new sales in POS screen is much faster because user can now save sale-type and menu settings upon entering first sale of the day.
  • Bug Fix : Menu item editor did not display correct cost percent when a menu item was selected now corrected.

5.7.0 Released 3-23-2006

  • New Feature : Now you can use the Point of Sale in two modes at the same time; Restaurant Mode and Retail Mode i.e. a coffee shop that also sells gift items such as coffee mugs and tee shirts. This feature can be turned off or on from the preferences window.
  • Bug Fix : In Inventory manager you cannot enter an item (New or Update) without a valid Item ID or Item Name.

5.5.0 Released 3-13-2006

  • Bug Fix : Employee sales search in the ‘Close-out Employee’ window now works as it should (does not give a blank result anymore).
  • New Feature : Now you can discount sales items by percent when ringing up a sales event.

5.2.0 Released 2-28-2006

  • New Feature : Now you can edit unit cost of ingredients from the inventory manager as you would from the ingredient list in the recipe manager.
  • Bug Fix : This fixes the menu item editor problem when updating an item or recipe/ingredient, the correct quantity is now displayed in relation to an attached cost.
  • New Feature : Storage location field has now been added in the inventory manager.
  • Bug Fix : fixes problems related to tabs 6-18 in the menu pop-up window not working, error messages during POS sale input when either menu or menu tab was left blank when updating a menu item.
  • Feature Enhancement : the update is for the menu tab problem which now does not a have a limit. You can have as many menus as you want with each menu holding a total of 180 menu items.

4.5.0 Released 2-6-2006

  • Bug Fix : Editing ‘Quick Menu Tab’ now responds as it should and fills in correctly.
  • Bug Fix : In receipt window the ‘In-House’ Payment method now displays the name of the server/manager responsible for making a in-house charge on food items (customer name now becomes the server name).

4.3.0 Released 12-18-2005

  • New Feature: Ability to print using a receipt printer.
  • New Feature: Ability to Open Cash Drawer linked up to a particular receipt printer (cash drawer open code is printer specific and can now be entered and saved from preferences window).
  • New Feature: Ability to use a bar code scanner when entering/editing inventory or when making a sale from the Point Of Sale Window.
  • New Feature: Point of Sale food item menu can now be customized to be able to edit food prep method or what ingredients a customer does or does not want during order entry.

3.5.0 Released 9-20-2005

  • Bug Fix : Inventory receiving now does not hang due to a bug when pressing the ‘Finish’ button.

3.4.0 Released 9-19-2005

  • New Feature; Software update for registered users now easily accessible from the software’s main page drop down menu.
  • New Feature; Software’s website product revision information also accessible from the software’s main page drop down menu.
  • Bug Fix; Invoice refund now reflects correct total
  • Enhancement; Invoice refund contains a editable restocking fee (%) box.

3.3.0 Released 9-08-2005

  • Bug Fix : When receipting an item if method of payment is cash and cash tendered is less than total amount then a notification is shown.
  • New Feature : Registered users can now benefit from download updates directly from the software’s main window’s menu list.

2.6.0 Released 3-27-2005

  • Bug Fix : Selling an item at the point of sale automatically deletes the item from inventory, canceling the sale will automatically restock the items being sold.

2.4.0 Released 1-25-2005

  • New Feature : Point of sale system now able to handle both retail and restaurant type businesses.
  • Enhancement : Item discounts can now be set within inventory form.
  • Bug Fix : Correct date/day shown when program passes midnight into new day.

1.8.0 Released 11-1-2004

  • Bug fix; Error message ‘Program Already Open’ only shows when trying to open program again while still open. An emergency backup is carried out during an irresolvable error (when program does not open) so when program is reinstalled previous database is not lost.

1.5.0 Released 3-07-2004

  • Complete Re-design of Point of Sale Interface now allowing for use with a touch screen monitor.
  • POS interface now has a on-screen keyboard and numberpad.
  • Sale Item receipts and kitchen receipts can now be printed using a receipt printer. Printers can now be configured to allow for multiple printers to be used on a network.
  • Pending Sales can now be voided.
  • A more user friendly reports menu with color coded grouped items.

1.2.0 Released 2-12-2004

  • Basic employee information is now NOT deleted during database cleanup
  • Added date button for employee date of birth for more accuracy during filtering.
  • Cosmetic enhancements : Added pictures to most buttons for quick recognition of button function.

1.1.0 Released 1-20-2004

  • First public release