ProChef Plus Change Log

Current Version 11.0.0 (Updated 2/5/2015)

11.0.0 Released 2-5-2015

  • Updated UI to complement use with a touchscreen in Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Bug Fixes – Backup and restore now works correctly

10.9.1 Released 1-3-2011

  • Bug Fix: fixed bug in drop down category list where categories where duplicated
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where when cancel button is press during new recipe entry program would crash
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug in drop down category list where selecting a category did not filter that category as is supposed to.
  • Bug Fix: fixed bug where when adding a new plate, the top menu – file, find plate button and category list were still enabled now get disabled until new plate is added.
  • Bug Fix: fixed bug where plate cost percent did not always show up if the waste percent is zero.
  • Bug Fix: removed the word ‘category:’ from the description when a new plate was added and description area was left unedited (the word ‘Category:’ was copied by default during new plate entry)
  • Feature Enhancement: moved the ‘Find Plates’ button above the plate category list so as to make this feaure more easily seen by user.
    Attachment includes the note and its objects

10.9.0 Released 12-30-2010

  • Bug Fix : Fixed Issue with program crashing when ‘New Recipe’ button is pressed (this happened when there were duplicate recipes in the database)
  • Bug Fix : Fixed issue with program crashing when trying to restore database files from a different location.

10.8.0 Released 11-29-2009

  • New Feature : Ability to choose a different location for your ProChef Plus database, either at a different location on the same computer or on a network. This feature is a highly requested feature and has been implemented to help prevent data loss if the same software is installed before the previous one has been uninstalled.
  • New Feature : Ability to sort menu items by category i.e. a lunch menu can have ; Salads, entrees, desserts, drinks etc.

10.6.0 Released 11-01-2009

  • Feature Enhancements : Update feature more intuitive; when you press the update button the software will ask to backup then close and download/update will begin automatically if connected to the internet.
  • Main screen is now easier to navigate as it clearly lists the main features of the software ; Recipe, menu, ingredients and meal planner.

10.4.0 Released 10-26-2008

  • Feature Enhancements : Search and filter functionality is now easier to use in the ingredients list window.
  • New Feature : Ability to sort ingredients either by ingredient ID or ingredient Name in the ingredient list window (light blue (turquoise) colored buttons located right above the ID and Ingredient column).

10.3.0 Released 10-12-2008

  • Feature Enhancements : Large buttons, text fields and drop down menus on all windows/forms.
  • Feature Enhancements : Entire software now has matching color buttons for all buttons that do the same thing for easier recognition and visibility i.e. all print buttons are gray, cancel/back buttons are green, save/edit/update buttons are yellow etc.

10.2.0 Released 11-27-2007

  • Bug Fix: Error message : “An Unresolvable Error has Occured, Application Will Now Close.” has now been resolved.

10.0.0 Released 4-17-2006

  • Bug Fix: Error message during start up that completely disables program now fixed.

9.9.9 Released 12-18-2005

  • Bug Fix: Directions window now does not display field heading when no direction is present.

9.9.6 Released 1-24-2005

  • Bug fix; Program occasionally crashing while restoring backup now resolved.

9.9.5 Released 11-1-2004

  • Bug fix; Error message ‘Program Already Open’ only shows when trying to open program again while still open. An emergency backup is carried out during an irresolvable error (when program does not open) so when program is reinstalled previous database is not lost.

9.8.0 Released 2-12-2004

  • Cosmetic enhancements : Added pictures to most buttons for quick recognition of button function.

9.6.0 Released 1-07-2004

  • More efficient error trapping and handling procedures making program much more stable than previous releases.

9.4.0 Released 12-17-2003

  • Enhancement ; Down and Up arrows move to the next record when updating inventory list items
  • Bug Fix ; Error when adding a new inventory item fixed.

9.0.0 Released 11-25-2003

  • More secure registration.

8.5.0 Released 11-17-2003

  • New Feature; Smaller, faster, more professional looking installation package.
  • The about window does not pop-up every time the program is opened, rather it will only pop-up if the program is not yet registered.
  • The program now has a 30 run trial period for unregistered users.

7.0.0 Released 6-19-2003

  • New Feature; Inventory management: recipe ingredients serve as the basis for a food inventory. You can keep track of the cost, the par, items being removed and what is actually on hand. Also, it tracks the inventory Cost, Inventory Budget & Inventory Percent for every month of the year, and for years as long as your business stays open. Below par items can be sent to the shopping list which automatically figures out how much more of the item needs to be ordered.

6.0.0 Released 6-01-2003

  • Bug fix; Directions edit will not crash when an empty field is entered when updating.
  • New Feature; User can now access the program update page from the program menu.

5.5.0 Released 5-24-2003

  • Bug fix; Glossary list could not update an item once a new item was added, fixed.
  • Feature enhancement; Now Program supports 800 * 600 & 1024 * 768 Screen resolutions, and main screen is now properly proportioned when maximized.
  • Shopping list can now be exported to a spreadsheet program using the *.csv format.

5.0.0 Released 5-15-2003

  • Bug fix; Better handles a corrupt database or if a database is opened and the program tries to open it again.

4.5.0 Released 5-07-2003

  • Bug Fix; New recipe ingredients can now be added without program freezing.
  • Feature Enhancement; Double click event on the ingredient grid will now reveal full recipe view that will now show ingredient costs if present.

4.0.0 Released 5-01-2003

  • Feature Enhancement; Added additional Yield types (Total yield measures: Pounds, Ounces, Quarts, Kilograms, Grams, Liters, milliliters)
  • Bug Fix; Now adding an ingredient using plate creator now fetches the correct cost in ingredient when the ‘Attach Cost’ option button is checked.
  • Feature Enhancement; Cost analysis now gives four types of costs relevant to recipe being costed out i.e. Total Recipe Cost, Current Recipe Cost, Cost Per Serving and Cost per Yield e.g. $ 1.13 per lb.

3.0.0 Released 4-15-2003

  • New feature; Now ingredient preparations can be selectively edited or added from the ingredient edit window.

2.4.0 Released 4-10-2003

  • New feature; A decimal option has been added to the ingredient quantity display options.
  • Bug fix; Resolved issue when Importing MasterCook 5 or 6 recipes (directions text was corrupted).
  • Bug fix; Resolved Issue when changing between yield types resulted in the yield becoming smaller every time it was changed.
  • Bug fix; Resolved issue with total yield in grams and litres not being correct.

2.2.0 Released 3-16-2003

  • Bug Fix; Error when adding new recipe and trying to calculate ingredient cost has been fixed
  • Bug fix; Help file is now located and error message indicating wrong file path fixed.
  • Bug fix; Error when a recipe was copied twice has been fixed.

2.0.0 Released 2-28-2003

  • Updated the help file
  • Revised the recipe import, you don’t have to pick which format to import the program does that for you.

1.9.4 Released 2-20-2003

  • Recipe imports now include all versions of Master Cook formats, Meal Master, Key Home Gourmet & ProChef.

1.9.2 Released 2-14-2003

  • Bug Fix; Issue with Plate Creator & Supplier Directory not opening resolved.
  • Enhancement; Currency Symbol can now be changed to currency of choice.

1.9.0 Released 2-06-2003

  • New Feature; Ability to print embedded recipes
  • Enhancement; You can now choose which dates to print in the meal planner

1.8.5 Released 1-29-2003

  • New Feature; Shopping list; integrates with the ingredient list so that prices for each item is displayed and a total cost is generated
  • New Feature; Ability to print embedded recipes.
  • Enhancement; A right click on the recipe, plate & ingredient list reveals a menu to either delete, copy, print or export the selected item
  • Bug fix; Improved meal planner
  • Bug fix; Improved printing of recipes, meals and ingredients/shopping list

1.8.0 Released 1-24-2003

  • New Feature; Meal planner added
  • New Feature; Editable glossary of food terms added.

1.7.2 Released 1-15-2003

  • Bug fix; Issue with the error message when the ‘New Recipe’ button is clicked.
  • Bug fix; Issue with Ingredient Window not opening when a new recipe is being entered

1.7.0 Released 1-14-2003

  • New feature: Backup feature now has a transfer feature to save the backup folder to another drive or folder.

1.6.2 Released 1-11-2003

  • Bug fix; Import error when importing ProChef Format recipes files fixed.
  • Added visual aids when Importing & Exporting recipes, plates & ingredients
  • Bug fix; Now correctly displays current recipe scale/size when the ‘Smart Fractions’ is either turned on or off.

1.6.0 Released 1-10-2003

  • Time indicator when import, backup or Restore are being carried out.
  • Improved Backup & Restore; Safer restoration of ALL user editable lists: Recipes, Plates, Ingredients, Units, Substitutes, Suppliers & Category.
  • New feature: Now restore can be from either ProChef or ProChef Plus.

1.5.0 Released 1-5-2003

  • Faster Recipe Import & Delete
  • New Feature: Full recipe view when ingredient grid on main window is double clicked

1.4.0 Released 1-2-2003

  • More accurate fractions measures
  • New Feature: Smart fractions can be turned off or on
  • Cookbook database is compressed during shutdown
  • Plate picture reloads automatically when tabs are switched

1.3.0 Released 12-26-2002

  • *.pcf format export & import now moves the ‘Serving Type’ field.
  • Easier to find ‘Find Recipe’ shortcut
  • Quick entry of ingredient divider now available in the ingredient edit window (a choice in the ‘Select measure type’)
  • New Feature: Multiple recipe categorizing now in two ways; Selected recipes can be categorized at once or recipes searched for using a key word categorized at once.
  • Bug fix; Fixed problem with Program not opening if previously opened program had the conversion calculator open.
  • Bug fix; Previous first category not replaced when the Advanced categorizing feature is used.
  • Bug fix; Now picture path is not added every time the save button on the main form is pressed.
  • Bug fix; Now the ‘ – New’ extension on newly imported duplicate recipes is removed during update to remove old or new duplicate recipes.

1.2.0 Released 12-20-2002

  • New Feature: Printing pictures now possible; You can now print recipe pictures or plate pictures in two forms. The first being printed together with complete recipe/plate info, and the second as a cover page. In the plates cover the page will include Description of plate below the picture.

1.1.0 Released 12-19-2002

  • First public release