About Us

About Me

Hello, my name is George kweyama. I am a baker and the creator of ProChef Plus software. I created ProChef Plus because I was spending too much time scaling recipes, calculating yields, computing recipe portions and converting ingredient measurements from metric to U.S. and back again. I was so proud of how efficient, accurate and time-saving ProChef Plus was in the kitchen that I started showing it to my colleagues and it wasn’t long before they began asking me for copies of ProChef Plus for themselves to try out. The next thing I knew, I found myself in the software business !

ProChef Plus is now in use all across the country and around the world and You can now find ProChef Plus and other software products  on our website and try it out absolutely free.

-George Kweyama, Owner of UtilitySoft.

About UtilitySoft

UtilitySoft is a software company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide software solutions for the hospitality industry, retail businesses and HR departments.

We provide menu and recipe management software, employee management software and a complete restaurant and retail point of sale software. Our Point Of Sale software accommodates all types of restaurants i.e. Dine-in, take out, quick service, drive-through, pizza deliveries, school cafeterias, coffee shops, deli counters, gift shops, and retail (merchandise sales) and more.

Thanks to quick and simple installation, short learning curve and ease of use, our software products have seen increased growth and customer satisfaction all across the hospitality industry and we strive to make the products better by continually listening to our customers and making changes to improve the software.