ProChef Plus


Recipe Management Software for Culinary Professionals

For the professional Chef or Baker who wants to cost out recipes, calculate baker’s percentages, print single or multiple servings recipes and manage menu items. Recipe import and export in popular recipe formats also available.

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Software Features

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  • Ingredient scaling; without permanently changing the quantities of ingredients unless save button is pressed.
  • Embedded Recipes; Ability to print embedded recipes
  • Editable glossary of food terms
  • Meal planner; A meal planning module to manage meals put together by different recipes
  • Shopping list; integrates with the ingredient list so that prices for each item is displayed and a total cost is generated
  • Smart fractioning when scaling; i.e. 1 lb 4 oz = 1 4/16 lb or 1 lb 10 oz = 1 10/16 lb etc.
  • Decimal Option; A decimal option to display ingredient quantities with 2 decimal places
  • Total yield Generator; Automatically calculates the total yield of ingredients in either weight or volume measures
  • Multiple recipe categorizing; the ability to place a bunch of similar recipes into a category all within one easy step.
  • Security; The ability to secure your recipe database by assigning a password that will only give access to the password holder into the program itself.
  • Portioning tool: calculates the servings that you will get when you have a particular batch size
  • Unit Converter; Program comes with a Unit Converter for Volume, weight & temperature measures, and a link to the main windows calculator
  • Auto-convert; Convert U.S. measures to/from Metric measures
  • Auto Volume to Weight Conversion; Automatically convert U.S. volume measures to std. U.S. weight measures as you enter new ingredients or updating ingredients, i.e. tsp, cups, pints to pounds and ounces
  • Two modes of printing:
    1. Single serving prints (customizable to include Yield, Cost, Percentages)
    2. Muti-serving prints i.e. printed output of 3 different servings of the same recipe (for frequently adjusted recipes)
  • Categorize Recipes; Multiple recipe categories (A limit of 8 categories per recipe)
  • User Editable Reference Lists; Substitutions/Equivalents list, Unit list, Ingredient list & Category list
  • Backup/Restore; Backup or restore recipes, meals, ingredients and ingredient costs
  • Import/Export; Master Cook (Version 1-6), Meal Master, Key Home Gourmet & ProChef recipe formats.
  • A find & Replace feature; to look for items in the Category, unit or the ingredient field of recipes and replace them with others.
  • Baker’s Percentages; A percentage of all ingredients in relation to the main ingredient can be calculated in a few simple steps.
  • A supplier directory; stores contact info. & a list of all items supplied by the supplier.
  • A plate creator; this is unique feature that calculates costs of all items in a plate and gives a cost percentage relative to the price of the plate. Items can be printed out just like the recipes.
  • Recipe costing; You can add recipe ingredients of either selected recipe or all recipes into the ingredient list for costing out.
  • Inventory management: recipe ingredients serve as the basis for a food inventory. You can keep track of the cost, the par, items being removed and what is actually on hand. Also, it tracks the inventory Cost, Inventory Budget & Inventory Percent for every month of the year, and for years as long as your business stays open. Below par items can be sent to the shopping list which automatically figures out how much more of the item needs to be ordered.
  • Recipe Nesting; Recipes can be costed out and added to the ingredient list to be later added into a recipe’s ingredient as an embedded recipe or cost
  • Recipe/Plate Pictures; Ability to store and view recipe and plate pictures